For youth ages 14-17

Fall Youth Employment (F.Y.E.)

The fall youth program, provides students with real life work experience within our local communities; through non-for profit agencies in office setting, students are able to gain viable clerical experience and learn life skills. Student will develop a better self-esteem and have more confidence in their outlook. This afterschool program last for 5 months during the school year.

Youth Employed for Senior Services (Y.E.S.S.)

This program is an on-going, intergenerational program which provide lawncare and minor indoor maintenance for our local community senior citizens. The services allow recipients the opportunity to live safely, independently, and with dignity in their own homes.

Youth Conservation and Leadership Corps (Y.C.L.C.)

**** Accepting Application starting January 1st Thru March 31st . Youth must be present to complete the application ****

Y.C.L.C. is an outdoor summer employment program. Youth participants work on projects that develop and improve sites with Bloom Township and the Forest Preserve District. The youth also engage in structured group activities and field trips that enhance communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills.