Vehicle Stickers

Cook County Vehicle stickers for the unincorporated areas of Cook County  will no longer be available for purchase at the Township.  

Residents will no longer have to purchase or obtain a Cook County Vehicle/Wheel Tax sticker to affix and display on their windshield/vehicle.  Residents will receive a  Wheel Tax Notice of Liability from the Cook County Department of Revenue (DOR).    Payments for Cook County Vehicle/Wheel Tax Liability will be accepted online, by mail, in-person at DOR and at participating ELS (currency exchange/retail payment processing) locations. Participating ELS locations on available on the Cook County vehicle sticker link. 

The Cook County  Stickers are valid from July 1st of the current year to June 30th of the following year.

Further information can be obtained by calling Cook County Department of Revenue (DOR):  (312) 603-6961